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Find great deals on eBay for aquarium base rock. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: ... 5 product ratings - NEW Natures Ocean 12 Inch Coral Base Rocks for Aquarium 40 Pound FREE SHIPPING. $84.26. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 4 Watching. 50 lbs Med/Lrg Dry Reef Base Rock, Lightweight, Porous, Great for Aquariums Live.

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Aquarium Base Rock Aquarium Premium Dry Live Rock : Aquarium Creations natural Dry Live Rock is eco-friendly live rock. Aquarium Creation's Dry live rock is eco-friendly, it is a "green" product, because it is not harvested from our oceans reef systems so it has zero negative impact on our ocean's delicate reef ecosystem. It is the perfect ...

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Dry Reef Rock . A very nice porous cleaned aragonite based reef rock originating from Florida. We carefully hand pick each piece of rock to make a nice selection of rock for your Aquarium. Easily stacks making it a perfect choice. professionally cleaned aragonite...

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Base rock, or dry rock, is a generic term for aragonite rock that has no organisms growing in or on the rock. Base rock is often used as filler rock in the aquarium as it is much cheaper to purchase than live rock. In time, base rock will become colonized by living organisms.

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Why ARC Reef Dry Rocks are the Best Aquarium Base Rock. All our Dry Rock and Live Rock are calcium carbonate based and make an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer for saltwater aquariums and fish tanks. They are mined from inside the earth and not from a coral reef.

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One trick is to buy a combination of much cheaper "base rock" and more expensive live rock. The base rock can then be used to build the shape of the reef structure, and the live rock can be added around and on top of the base rock for its aesthetic value. The base rock will, of course, take longer to be colonized than the live rock.

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 · dead/ base rock - rock thats sold dry and has none of the above base rock placed in an aquarium, will eventually be colonised by the bacteria and thus base rock, becomes live rock over a period of time use live rock - you get what marlinman describes above reasonably fast use base rock - you get what marlinman describes above - just takes longer

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Aquarium Rocks, Aquarium Decorations and All Rock Types for: aquarium lovers, new comers to the aquarium hobbies, Landscapers, Architects, Builders, Nurseries, Home Owners and those looking to breed fish can use our aquarium rocks.Use our Nature's Rocks ® aquarium rocks to make your tank floor or pond bed look great. These rocks also help to bring out the colors in your fish and the tank ...

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Nemo's Reef has quality Salt Water Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates for marine aquariums. Guarantee, with Honest Advice. Charlotte, NC

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CaribSea South Seas Base Rock makes a great addition to your aquarium. This white, porous, real aragonitic base rock us suitable for all marine, reef, or African cichlid tanks and all associated equipment. Clean and ready to use, there is no curing needed. Features: Clean and ready to use; No curing needed

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Rock, whether it is live rock or dry rock, is used to "aquascape" your aquarium. It can be used in fish only systems (many times referred to using the acronym FOWLR, which stands for Fish Only With Live Rock) and is a must for reef systems.

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 · Curing Rock for Marine Aquariums. ... "Curing" is a common term used to describe a process followed to prepare marine rock for use in an aquarium. ... Once this dead rock is collected from the ocean, it is typically referred to as dry rock (and sometimes base rock or dead rock).

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ARC Reef Live Rock for Sale – An economical alternative to our premium version. They have between 1 and 2 years of growth on them. Contains over 60% coralline algae coverage. ARC Reef Dry Rock for Sale – Aquarium base rock full of holes and crevices. Every rock is hand selected from our quarry to be porous and uniquely shaped.

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There is also dead base rock, meaning it has no live growth on it. The rock is devoid of external life that probably won't see much light, so you can put other forms of more advanced live rock and corals on top of it to build your reef system base, once your tank has settled and the base rock is seeded or cured.

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15 lbs Small Dry Reef Base Rock Lightweight Great for Aquariums Live Rock. 1 pcs Over 6 lbs 2oz xLrg Dry Reef Base Rock, Lightweight, Porous for Aquariums. $22.00. Buy It Now. or Best Offer. Free Shipping. The piece range in size from almost the size of 1/2 of a cinder block! Pieces shown are the exact stones you will receive.

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 · Saltwater Live rock will make your reef fish tank look prettier. And not only the rock but the algae that grow on the rock is beautiful as well. You will get a lot of pink and purple crystal-like algae growing on live rock. The Aquarium live rock after it's cured and in your tank, springs new organisms.

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Home:: Aquarium Supplies:: Substrates, Base Rock, Decor. Printable version. Substrates, Base Rock, Decor Base Rock Substrates & Sand Synthetic Coral & Decorations. Products. Sort by: Product Price Default Sales. per page : Adhesive Vinyl Aquarium Backing, per Inch : Carib Sea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand 10lb : Carib Sea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand ...

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Aquarium Creations Online sells amazing varieties of live rock with pictures and descriptions. All the information you need to know before purchasing your rock. Need rock now? Free Shipping Special on ALL live rock purchases is going on now. Any size order! We also now sell Real Reef Rock brand live rock which is man made live rock, very close to the look and feel of real live rock.

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It's typically found in darker areas of a reef system. In the wild, dead base rock helps form the base of a reef system. In home reef tanks, it serves the same purpose, but we'll discuss dry rocks momentarily. Okay, so now we've covered the types of live rock, what does it do for home aquariums? Let's find out…

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We have standard bases for the corals to plug into. The corals come with threaded plastic pegs which can be drilled into the coral piece and plugged onto the base.We will be adding different sizes in the near future. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at …

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South Seas Base Rock - Natural weathering processes form the fantastic shapes of South Seas Base Rock by the erosion and pitting of limestone over the course of eons. It is clean and safe for marine, reef and hard water freshwater aquariums such as African cichlids.

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 · DIY LIve rock for the marine aquarium is a big money saver. this method requires no cement, all you have to do is get foam, you can get foam at walmart or some other store that cares crafts and ...

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 · You have to account for that potential growth when aquascaping, for example by avoiding stacking the rocks too close to the surface or the front viewing pane. Photo credit: Jarick Cammarato, SymbioticService. Related posts: Beware These 5 Pitfalls When Buying Used Equipment for Your Marine Aquarium; DIY Rock for the Marine Aquarium

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Description. Upgrade your aquarium swagger with the Nature's Ocean Natural Coral Aquarium Base Rock. This natural, porous aragonite rock is filled with naturally-formed holes that not only look great in your set-up, but help maintain aquarium health by acting as a biological filter.

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$$$ Money Saver Aquarium Dry Live Rock (by the lb) $2.75. Add To Cart. Wish Lists. Life Rock (40 lb) - Caribsea $149.95. Add To Cart. ... Two Little Fishies STAX Porous Oolitic Dry Base Rock (by the lb) $4.99. Add To Cart. Wish Lists. Caribsea Ohko Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock (25 lb) Box - Caribsea $89.95. Add To Cart.

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Marco Rock Reef Saver Rock arrives at our warehouse pre-soaked and rinsed. This is by far our cleanest rock. How much rock do I need?Knowing exactly how much Dry Live Rock you will need can be one of the hardest questions to answer since every tank and rock will be slightly different.

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…in one tank, sump, or even overflows we will. We have run density tests and they have proved to be more porous than any live rock we could find. They are a great base for sponge growth, microfauna, and even coral frags. MarinePure is an inert ceramic material with open flow architecture, extremely…

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 · I had a guy come into the store yesterday and swear to god it is impossible to turn dead base rock into live rock. I argued with him as long as i could stand it but did not get through. so now i am asking. for example in a 75g tank if you would put 60lbs of very porous base rock and 20lbs of LR would the base rock turn into live rock.

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Live Rock. Welcome to Live Rock N Reef! We provide an awesome variety of Saltwater Live Rock for saltwater reef aquarium tanks or fish only tanks. If you are looking for aquarium supplies, high quality live rock, or a beautiful aquarium live rock decoration, then you can find it at Live Rock n Reef!This is much higher quality than your typical Fiji rock.Our company is in the business of ...

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Because of this, I've set up most aquariums primarily with base rock and a few pieces of live rock mixed in to add some life to the overall appearance. Typically, a lot of the rockwork in a reef aquarium can't be seen well, and things usually spread relatively quickly from pieces of live rock to base rock …